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Used food grade barrels and drums - Brampton, Ontario (Toronto)

9 July 2007

If you are looking for barrels that you can use and you live in the Toronto area you can try Rin Enterprises Ltd located in Brampton, Ontario (Canada)

They have an assortment of used and new plastic and metal food grade barrels and drums. We have never bought anything from them so we can not vouch for them but judging by their website they seem to have what most people would be looking for. As usual we recommend using the Screw Top Plastic Drums w/ Lids - 220 Litre that they offer as that is the barrel that we have had the most success with.

We are not sure what they charge but anything under $20 is a fair price for a grade B barrel.

Always call ahead. Here is their contact info:

Tel: (905) 790-3266
Cell: (647) 207-3266
or (647) 208-3266
Fax: (905) 790-3268
Brampton, ON Canada


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  1. R said,

    on September 10th, 2007 at 12:22 am

    I have purchased barrels from Rin Enterprises.
    I use the 220 litre (55 gallon) type with the two-piece lid.
    I convert them into rain barrels and sell them to whoever is looking for one.
    They work very well for my design.

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